CST Academy open Wilmette location to the delight of North Shore parents

CST Academy is a preschool-styled therapeutic program that serves children ages 2-6. Many of the children who attend the academy receive multiple therapies and behavior support.

Karen George, a renowned speech-language pathologist, and owner of Chicago Speech Therapy founded CST Academy.

“We had parents repeatedly asking us for a program that would offer therapy services and be an extension of the quality we already provided through our speech and language therapy, as well as our feeding and occupational therapy,” Karen says.

After months of planning, CST Academy opened its doors in July of 2015 with just four children attending. Since then, enrollment has steadily increased and hundreds of families have trusted CST Academy for their children’s development.

“I never thought parents would drive from northwest Indiana, Arlington Heights, and the far North Shore to come to our program – but they do,” says Karen. For many parents, the gains their children make at CST Academy through the unique approach and dynamic programming are astonishing.

Children are able to come for a day of programming and work directly with occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, feeding specialists, behavior therapists, special education teachers, psychologists, and more.

“We are extremely excited about the new Wilmette location,” says Laura, a Wilmette-based mom who, up until now, has made the commute to the city to get her child to CST Academy. “We always thought the drive was worth it, but this will make our lives so much easier. I am overjoyed!”

The new space in Wilmette has been carefully designed to serve children who need the type of programming that CST Academy provides. It will be over 9,000 square feet of newly-renovated space with state-of-the-art therapy equipment and an outdoor play area.

“We have constructed this space to wow parents while making the children feel comfortable, safe, and happy. The positive response from parents and the community has been overwhelming. I cannot believe the opening day is finally so close,” Karen says.