Sensory Bins and Their Purpose In a Therapeutic Preschool Program

Sensory bins are a common staple in every therapeutic program. They are a great way to help expose the kids to the world around them without actually being in it. Sensory bins can be any size, but for them to be the most effective, the bin should be big enough to allow all the children to play in at the same time. When talking about what theme the bin should be, the list is endless. There are so many possibilities the sensory bin can help explore. The most common themes for sensory bins revolve around what time of year it is. Below are a few examples of some popular sensory bin ideas-

1) Let’s go to the beach!
Sometimes rounding up all the kiddos and taking them to the beach can be a little bit difficult. Let’s bring the beach to them! For this fun sensory bin, all you need is a bit of sand and a lot of water. Feel free to get creative and add some fun sea animals and maybe even some sand toys for the beach. This bin is a great way to slowly ease the kids and introduce them to all the wonders of sand and the beach without actually going there!

2) Treasure hunt!
Aye matey! All aboard to hunt for some treasure. Add some pirate flavor to your sensory bin. All you need is some black gravel, a few plastic coins, a pirate ship (found at your local craft store) and some decorations! Hide the “treasure” under the gravel and let the kids be the captain of the ship as they try to find the buried treasures. This sensory bin can be linked to the lesson being taught in the program. Use this opportunity to explore their creativity and their silly side.

3) Creepy crawlers
For kids with an infatuation with bugs, this sensory bin is perfect! This is a great way to show kids how much you can learn from our creepy crawlers. Some kiddos find these bugs intimidating. The sensory bin is a great way to introduce them to all the different types of bugs and also show the kids how they cool they can be! This bin is fun and easy to fill. All you need is some cooked spaghetti, green dye, small plastic insects (can be found at your local craft store), and maybe even fine motor toys like colorful tweezers and scoops.



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