Juguetes ABA para utilizar en un programa terapéutico de preescolar

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is widely used as a method of intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or challenging behaviors. ABA therapy focuses on key areas of development, including language, cognition, motor skills, social skills, and more. Throughout the course of ABA therapy, the child will work with the therapist to build these crucial skills and replace problematic behaviors with new positive behaviors. For young children with autism, ABA therapy can be highly effective. Some children may receive these services in a clinical setting, in their home, or in a therapeutic preschool program.

What is a therapeutic preschool?
A therapeutic preschool program is structured to provide support for children to develop their speech and language, cognitive, academic, and social skills before they enter kindergarten. A therapeutic preschool program may also provide services, such as ABA therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, or speech-language pathology.

ABA toys
If you are the parent of a little one, you know that it can be challenging to keep young children on task and engaged in activities. As a result, many techniques for ABA therapy may involve using games and toys to keep the child active and interested. There are also toys designed with the goals of ABA therapy in mind, which serve a function for developing critical skills. Many ABA toys on the market will help children to improve their play skills, coordination, cognition, language, motor skills, or social skills.

Tipos de juguetes ABA en un preescolar terapéutico
Hay muchos juguetes ABA diferentes que se pueden encontrar en un programa de preescolar terapéutico, así que empezaremos con algunos de los esenciales.

Fidgets: Many children with autism, sensory issues, or ADHD have challenges staying focused during class. A fidget toy can help children to self-regulate or self-soothe to stay calm. A fidget also helps children to concentrate and keep their hands busy. In a therapeutic preschool program, children who have trouble self-regulating or focusing during activities, such as circle or story time, may use a fidget throughout the day.

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Sensory toys: Children on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing issues can work on building their sensory integration skills in ABA therapy using sensory toys.

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Games: Many games can be used in ABA therapy to help children develop important skills, such as language, cognition, motor skills, and more. There is a game to fit the abilities and learning style of every child, so therapeutic preschool programs can easily work different activities and games into their daily schedules.

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