How American Sign Language (ASL) Can Be Helpful In A Therapeutic Preschool Program

Sign language has been proven to be beneficial for children in a wide variety of settings. Parents have used sign language with their preverbal babies and it has proven to be useful in facilitating communication before the babies can find the words to express their wants and needs. Sign language has been shown to hasten speech development and can even reduce frustration in young kiddos. Teaching them sign language gives them the means to express themselves when their words have yet to develop. Sign language can give the babies a way to communicate vital information, for example either if they are hurt or hungry. Research has also shown that children who know sign language grow up to be great spellers. Even knowing something as simple as how to sign the alphabet can help improve spelling skills. Signing helps give kids another tool for remembering spelling words. Signing can also help improve fine motor skills, as well!

Incorporating sign language into the classroom can be very beneficial. Adding this extra component gives the students a different way to learn. Sign language is beneficial across all populations. Using and incorporating sign language into class routines can enhance circle time and is also a great way to learn the letters of the alphabet. By using finger spelling to go along with learning the alphabet, more learning opportunities are given. Sign language can also enhance vocabulary acquisition for new words. By adding another opportunity to practice the newly learned words and also adding a visual aid on how to remember words recently taught, using signs can be the extra added component in a therapeutic program. Children learn faster when they can hear and see the words they are learning. Adding the signing component can help make your program multi-modal, which can be very helpful for the students.

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