How Music Can Be Helpful in a Therapeutic Preschool Program

There are nothing but positives when it comes to incorporating music into a therapeutic program. The overall goal of a therapeutic program is to include the extra multi-sensory component. This component can definitely be music. From birth, parents have instinctively used music to calm and soothe their children. Music can impact child development and can even help improve social skills. Research has shown that music can accelerate brain development, specifically in areas of language acquisition and reading. Music can be a great tool to help with school readiness. Exposing children to music in early development can help them learn the sounds and even the meanings of words. Music could also be a great time for children to come together as well.

The perks of using music are endless. Not only can you sing along, but you can move to the rhythm as well! If there are motor or sensory concerns, music can be a great way to address them. Those dance moves can get the kiddos out of their chair and up and moving! It is a fun way to work on those motor concerns and also have a good time. Music can be used as a great introduction to different topics as well. There are great songs for a lot of different occasions. We all know the great “Happy Birthday” song that is sang at every birthday party. There are silly songs, happy songs, and sad songs. If you think about it, there are songs for every mood!

We value the importance of music at CST Academy. We try to incorporate songs into our daily routines and use music as part of our curriculum. Music can be a great way to re-introduce concepts and also make learning more enjoyable. Next time your child has a catchy tune stuck in their head, remember that they are learning too!


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