How Therapeutic Preschools Can Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

By the time your child reaches kindergarten, he or she should have some basic skills that will help him or her thrive in kindergarten classes. These skills are not complex or difficult, but some children may have difficulty meeting these requirements. Therapeutic preschools or day programs may be great tools for helping your child’s development prior to kindergarten. Typically guided by certified professionals, therapeutic preschool enhances your child’s skills and helps to make sure your child reaches their milestones needed for kindergarten. Below is a checklist of the developmental skills your child should be capable of in case you are unsure.

Habilidades sociales

o Capable of communicating needs such as going to the bathroom
o Using words to solve problems
o Using words such as please or thank you
o Following directions
o Plays with other children
o Turn talking
o Listening to others while they are speaking
o Being able to sit still for a certain period of time
o Carrying tasks to their completion
o Comfortable communicating with teachers and peers
o Sharing toys or school supplies
o Taking responsibility for personal belongings such as coats, lunches, and backpacks
o Able to control emotions
o Respecting other’s space
o Capable of trying new things, and understanding that it is okay to make mistakes
o Knows basic safety skills

Motor Skills

o Cutting with scissors
o Can tie own shoes
o Correctly uses writing utensils such as markers or pencils
o Can participate in activities such as making puzzles, building blocks, catching or throwing a ball
o Capable of eating a variety of foods
o Can pick up, set down, and use different objects
o Can keep hands to one’s self

Habilidades lingüísticas

o Talks in full sentences
o Follows oral directions
o Capable of using descriptive words
o Expresses ideas clearly
o Asks questions
o Able to talk about a variety of topics such as school, experiences, and stories
o Conveys ideas through the use of words and sentences

Reading and Writing Skills

o Tries to write or draw
o Tries to read or look at picture books
o Recognizes certain words, letters, sounds
o Describes character’s thoughts and feelings in a story
o Attempts to write own name
o Asks others such as a teacher or parent to write a note for them
o Recognizes own name
o Tries to read signs or directions

If you feel that your child falls behind in one or more of these skills, contact a speech and/or occupational therapist. The therapist’s role is to evaluate your child and determine the skills that he or she needs to improve. They may encourage enrolling your child into therapeutic preschool for a hands-on experience with professionals that will dedicate themselves to assisting your child. Your child will participate in crafts, free play, and other activities that will enhance their social, motor, and language skills. It is important to stay on top of your child’s education and to also make sure he or she is developing correctly. Therapeutic preschool is a great step to take before your child reaches kindergarten.

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