New Resource for Families in Speech Therapy and ABA Therapy

At CST Academy, meeting the needs of families is a top priority. The best way to do this is by supplying families with exceptional resources and educational materials. Knowledge is power, but also the best support you can give your child. We realize that a lot of families attending CST Academy may have students receiving ABA therapy as well.


The newest books published by the Chicago Therapy teams helps parents understand and navigate the complex jargon within Pediatric ABA Therapy. Listed from A-Z, parents get simple, easy to understand definitions and applications to common therapy terms.

For families that are new to therapy and all the unique vocabulary to treating speech and ABA, these guides are a goldmine! Soon, parents were able to keep up in conversations about complex therapy ideas while using the guide.

This guide will soon be available on Amazon and Kindle. However, CST Academy is always happy to provide current and potential clients with any resources, for FREE! Please call 773-620-7800 and mention this post.