Free Parents' Night Out

Dear Parents,

We are going to make you an offer that might seem hard to believe, but believe it!

Do you have a child with autism or other developmental delays?

We are offering you a monthly night out to use however you wish – totally free.

CST Academy, a top therapeutic preschool-style program, is sponsoring this initiative.

Our goal is to offer you a monthly “date night” or “parent(s) night out.”

Essentially you would drop your children off at our play space (along with other families to whom we offer), and our team would watch, engage, and entertain your children while you had some time to yourself.

Our team is a group of therapists and aspiring therapists with expertise in speech and language development, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, and ABA therapy. They are amazing with children with autism and developmental delays – this is their life’s passion.

You can use this evening to go to dinner with your spouse, shop, get that long-overdue mani or pedi, or something else to your liking. What you do with this well-deserved break is up to you!

Although the cost to host these “parent nights out” would be substantial, this would be FREE to you. A small donation to offset our costs would be appreciated, but not required..

If you are interested, complete our contact form, and we will be back in touch with more information.


The CST Academy Team

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