Paquete de decoración para el aula


This big back to school bundle has 192 pages of printable decor to cover all your classroom needs! This resource has posters, customizable cards and signage, and so much more to create a colorful and fun educational space for your kiddos!

What’s Included:

  • Alphabet Posters (2 versions of the alphabet posters- includes an word and illustration of the word for each letter)
  • Color Posters (includes 15 colors- a poster for each color. Each page also includes illustrations of 3 items that are of the color)
  • Shape Posters (21 shapes- a poster for each shape)
  • Number Posters (0-20- a poster for each number)
  • Welcome Banner (2 versions of the welcome sign- includes a page for each word)
  • Classroom Job Cards (includes 21 classroom job strips & blank versions. For example: line leader, librarian, door holder, line monitor, snack distributor, chair stacker, and more!)
  • Birthday Board Cards (a cupcake for each month and printable candles to include names)
  • Today’s Schedule (10 different colored strips that includes a fillable clock and a blank space. And a fillable schedule such as reading, math, writing, lunch, and so much more!
  • Desk Name Tags (5 different themed and colorable desk name tags)
  • Weather Cards (Fillable cards for today’s weather and the season)