Letter to Parents

A Letter to Parents from our Founder

Dear Parent,

I have a unique program for you. If you want to discover how you can support your child’s development, I can help you. If you desire to get your child into a program that teaches critical development skills, such as language, motor, feeding, social, and behavior – this program may be for you.

Before I share how this program can benefit your child, I would like to share my personal story, why we started this program, and how it has become such a vital support system for so many families.

I am the founder of a thriving private practice in Chicago. We serve the pediatric population through our one-on-one therapy services and at our therapeutic day program, CST Academy.

Helping families and serving the greater-Chicago community with my team of outstanding pediatric specialists has exceeded my wildest dreams.

Over four years ago, we had this idea: What if we could offer an on-site day program for children that needed additional assistance? A place for families to receive speech, language, occupational, social development, and behavioral support. All of these services in one location, in one program, that is completely play-based to keep their child happy and healthy.

Based on this idea, we launched CST Academy. Through this program, we are able to serve children with a program that meets for a few hours, several times every week. The results have far exceeded anything we thought possible. Our students love the program, and their parents are excited about all the gains they are making as well.

Why am I writing this letter? There is one simple reason: I want to do whatever I can to positively impact the development of your child.

So how can I help you? By inviting you to explore whether CST Academy would benefit your child in a unique way. To my knowledge, there is no other program offered quite like ours anywhere in the country.

CST Academy can positively impact your child in ways you have not thought possible and work wonders for them. We receive a consistent stream of emails, notes, and calls from parents sharing stories of how their child has grown exponentially through the influence of CST Academy.

After all of my years as a practicing clinician, I am more passionate than ever for the field. I have personally witnessed the impact of the life-altering services we provide. Days ago I received an email from a parent whose child is in CST Academy. She shared profound gratitude for the progress her son made as a result of our unique program.

A friend of mine recently said that it is awe-inspiring to watch a class at CST Academy and seeing the team help a child acquire critical new language skills while simultaneously connecting with that child on a personal level – and making it all look so natural and comfortable. I agree – it is pretty amazing to see.

If you are interested in exploring CST Academy, I encourage you to do so. We often have more families inquiring than we have slots available, but we do everything we can to accommodate the families we serve. If interested, contact us sooner than later to increase the chance there is a slot available for your child. We would be happy to set up a free program tour or a private meeting to speak further.

For the children who we can admit, this program changes the trajectory of their lives.

We have had many children participate in our program. Their stories of achievement are on the following pages. Their stories of success can become your child’s future.

I look forward to assisting you in any way that I can. I am eager to help your child gain admission into CST Academy and help your child experience all of the benefits this amazing and magical program has to offer.

Karen George
Speech-Language Pathologist, CST Academy

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