Welcome to CST Academy

We Celebrate the Unique Learning Style of Every Child

“CST Academy has an impeccable way of catering to every child’s needs to make them most successful and reaching their full potential. The dedication the teachers and staff have to expanding language and facilitating skill sets is incomparable to other preschools I’ve looked into.”

“CST Academy is such a magical place. Samantha loved it. She looked forward to it every day. The instructors, teachers and staff are amazing so caring and kind. Sam blossomed while at CST Academy. She would sing the songs she learned each day.”

What Sets Us Apart?

CST Academy is a top therapeutic preschool-style day program for children ages 2-6. The multidisciplinary team of clinicians receives extensive training to provide individualized support for every child. The program incorporates speech therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, and behavior therapy to build essential skills. CST Academy maintains an unprecedented 3-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio (maximum) in order to promote significant gains and meet individual goals.

Maximum 3-to-1 Student-to-Teacher Ratio
Evidence-Based Practices
Parent Collaboration
Top-Tier Multidisciplinary Clinicians