Four Benefits of a Therapeutic Day School Program

The focus of therapeutic day school programs is to provide extra assistance to children with speech and language needs. Therapeutic day school programs target speech and language as well as maintaining therapy goals from a child’s individual therapy sessions. The format of these day programs closely resembles the functionality and schedule of pre-k classrooms, as this design additionally readies children in the future for entering into preschool.

Transition into Preschool
Therapeutic day school programs create seamless transitions for children to enter into preschool. Activities are generated and carried out in a school structure, with scheduled routines that are additionally infused with speech and language influences to target your child’s specific developmental goals. This additional therapeutic strategy perfectly supplements current pre-k level work and helps to ease the transition into preschool.

Speech and Language
Another benefit of a therapeutic day school programs is providing optimal speech and language skills within a classroom setting. These programs contain a hybrid of approaches related to speech and language development. For example, the focus could be pragmatic development or articulation, whichever goals are relevant to your child. These techniques are backed by experienced speech therapists who employ the best evidence-based practice and work in an intimate student-teacher ratio of 3:1 in order to optimize your child’s growth.

Pragmatic and Social Skills
The inclusive learning environment created by professional therapists enrich children’s school experience, maximize their potential growth, and provide the opportunity to obtain pragmatic skills. These skills are needed going forward in schooling so that they are able to learn as part of a group. Therapeutic day school programs exhibit notable progress in your child’s ability to separate willingly from a caregiver, acquire age-appropriate play and social skills, as well as develop emotion regulation skills.

Family-Centered Approach
The family-centered approach taken by therapeutic day schools also enhances your child’s overall experience and level of comfort, facilitating learning at a much higher degree. A sense of the parent’s wishes in regards to their child’s development is taken into consideration when developing specific, targeted plans for individual one on one teaching times during class. This brings the experience full circle and helps to enhance your child’s targeted speech goals while keeping parents in the loop on progress and growth.

Therapeutic day school programs are specifically designed to benefit your child’s developmental goals while simultaneously preparing them for entering into preschool.
This additional instruction prior to preschool is essential in helping your child progress at the same rate as their peers. Children in therapeutic day school programs frequently show exponential growth in which they advance at an appropriate rate and with their appropriate age group.

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