Physical Therapy

At CST Academy, our Physical Therapy (PT) services are dedicated to enhancing the physical development and well-being of children. By focusing on strength, mobility, balance, and coordination, our experienced physical therapists support each child in achieving their milestones, whether it’s their first steps, improving sports skills, or simply moving more confidently through their world.

Empowering Movement and Independence

Physical Therapy at CST Academy offers a tailored approach to support children with a range of physical needs. From infants to adolescents, our goal is to provide interventions that promote optimal physical function and active participation in home, school, and community environments. Our therapists specialize in pediatric care, understanding the unique nuances of growing bodies and minds. Through a combination of play-based therapy, innovative techniques, and compassionate care, we empower children to reach their full physical potential.
Empowering Movement and Independence | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services We Provide

Gross Motor Skills | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Gross Motor Skills

We enhance the use of large muscle groups for activities like stair climbing, jumping, and walking through focused training on joint mobility, muscular strength, coordination, and balance, enabling active exploration and engagement in daily life.
Sensory Motor Integration | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Sensory Motor Integration

Our therapy integrates processing of sensory information to support meaningful movement and interactions, emphasizing body and spatial awareness, safety awareness, and balance coordination, vital for developing movement control and posture.
Strength and Endurance Building | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Strength and Endurance Building

We assist children in building the muscle strength and endurance necessary for daily activities, supporting their active participation in play, sports, and physical education alongside their peers.
Balance and Coordination | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Balance and Coordination

Our program is designed to enhance balance and coordination, essential for preventing falls, improving athletic abilities, and fostering healthy movement patterns throughout growth.
Mobility Training | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Mobility Training

We aid children in achieving greater mobility, focusing on learning to walk, enhancing wheelchair skills, or safely navigating various environments, fostering independence and confidence.
Posture and Alignment | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Posture and Alignment

Our therapists work diligently on improving posture and alignment, correcting any irregularities that can impact movement and function, ensuring a robust foundation for developmental growth.
Pain Management | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Pain Management

For children facing discomfort due to injury, surgery, or chronic conditions, we provide effective strategies and therapies aimed at managing pain and supporting the healing process.
Functional Skills Development | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Functional Skills Development

We emphasize the development of functional skills such as climbing stairs, jumping, and running, customizing therapy to boost participation in age-appropriate activities and daily routines.

Physical Therapy Principles at CST Academy

Discover the empowering impact of Physical Therapy at CST Academy, where we're committed to helping each child move freely and confidently through life.
Child-Centered Care | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Child-Centered Care

Our therapy is centered around the child’s needs and interests, making each session engaging and fun while focused on therapeutic goals.
Family Collaboration | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Family Collaboration

We work closely with families, providing education and strategies to support their child’s progress at home and in the community.
Inclusive Environment | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Inclusive Environment

Our PT services are offered in a supportive and inclusive environment, where every child is encouraged to explore their physical capabilities.
Evidence-Based Practice | CST Academy Physical Therapy

Evidence-Based Practice

We utilize the latest research and techniques in pediatric physical therapy to ensure the most effective and innovative care.
100+ 5-Star Google Reviews | CST Academy
"After almost 2 years our son’s time at CST Academy has come to an end. The preschool program has done wonders for him. Ms Jaclyn is such a warm, kind and patient teacher. She and my son’s OT (Ms. Nikki) and ST (Ms. Erika) worked together to ensure he was meeting all of his goals. The level of collaboration between all therapies shows how dedicated they are to helping your child reach their full potential. They have all made such an impact on him, it’s amazing to see the changes since he started there. He has blossomed into a strong, confident boy who is more than prepared to start his new school in a few weeks. We will always fondly remember our time at CST Academy. Can’t recommend them enough!"
"I worked with CST Academy over a period of about 10 months. They are absolutely incredible! I also referred a friend to their program and the progress his child made just blew him away! Usually, I don’t write reviews unless I feel strongly compelled one way or the other, and in this case I do! You cannot go wrong here. I would not trust my children to anyone else. Call them and see for yourself. I have seen other programs and there is just no comparison."
5-Star Google Reviews
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Multidisciplinary Therapy Services | CST Academy

Multidisciplinary Therapy Services We Offer