Autism Assessment & Diagnosis

If you're at the beginning of your journey and seeking a diagnostic evaluation for a better understanding of your child's development, we're here to support you. Our team of skilled psychologists are experts in their field, ready to provide valuable insights and assistance.

Our Assessment Process

At CST Academy, our assessment process is designed to uncover every child's unique strengths and challenges. Our experienced pediatric therapists conduct comprehensive evaluations using evidence-based techniques. We assess speech and language, motor skills, social-emotional development, and sensory processing to create personalized therapy plans that empower children to thrive.
Specialized Autism Evaluation | CST Academy Assessment & Diagnosis

Specialized Autism Evaluation

Our experienced psychologists utilize the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition), a gold-standard tool, to conduct a specialized evaluation that includes direct observation and interaction, ensuring a thorough and accurate assessment for autism.
Comprehensive Analysis | CST Academy Assessment & Diagnosis

Comprehensive Analysis

The assessment process involves not only the ADOS-2 but also a holistic review of the child's developmental history, parent interviews, and other standardized measures. This comprehensive analysis allows for a nuanced understanding of the child's unique strengths and challenges.
Collaborative Approach | CST Academy Assessment & Diagnosis

Collaborative Approach

We believe in a collaborative process, involving parents and caregivers in the assessment journey. Our psychologist ensures clear communication, addressing any concerns, and providing valuable insights to guide families through the assessment process.

Benefits of Getting an Autism Diagnosis

At CST Academy, a diagnosis opens doors to tailored support and targeted therapies. Families gain clarity and access to resources, empowering children to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.
Informed Decision-Making | CST Academy Assessment & Diagnosis

Informed Decision-Making

A formal autism diagnosis empowers families with a clear understanding of their child's developmental profile. This knowledge allows for informed decision-making regarding suitable interventions and strategies tailored to the child's specific needs.
Access to Autism Care | CST Academy Assessment & Diagnosis

Access to Autism Care

With a formal diagnosis, families gain access to a range of services, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, often covered by insurance. This ensures that children receive timely and appropriate interventions to support their development.
Individualized Treatment Plans | CST Academy Assessment & Diagnosis

Individualized Treatment Plans

A diagnosis enables our team to create individualized treatment plans, addressing specific areas of concern. This personalized approach ensures that interventions align with the child's strengths and challenges, optimizing the effectiveness of the care provided at CST Academy.
100+ 5-Star Google Reviews | CST Academy
"After almost 2 years our son’s time at CST Academy has come to an end. The preschool program has done wonders for him. Ms Jaclyn is such a warm, kind and patient teacher. She and my son’s OT (Ms. Nikki) and ST (Ms. Erika) worked together to ensure he was meeting all of his goals. The level of collaboration between all therapies shows how dedicated they are to helping your child reach their full potential. They have all made such an impact on him, it’s amazing to see the changes since he started there. He has blossomed into a strong, confident boy who is more than prepared to start his new school in a few weeks. We will always fondly remember our time at CST Academy. Can’t recommend them enough!"
"I worked with CST Academy over a period of about 10 months. They are absolutely incredible! I also referred a friend to their program and the progress his child made just blew him away! Usually, I don’t write reviews unless I feel strongly compelled one way or the other, and in this case I do! You cannot go wrong here. I would not trust my children to anyone else. Call them and see for yourself. I have seen other programs and there is just no comparison."
5-Star Google Reviews
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