What Kinds of Professionals Work in a Therapeutic Day Program

Therapeutic day school programs offer a wide variety of development opportunities in a number of different disciplines. All of the therapeutic activities and structures are aimed at improving your child’s developmental progress. These professionals, who have had years of experience, work in tandem to benefit your child’s speech and language, emotional, and social needs with the ultimate goal in mind being to help your child prepare for kindergarten. Professionals facilitate an inclusive learning environment specific to each child’s goals in order to enrich their school experience and maximize every student’s potential.

What Role Does a Speech Language Pathologist Perform?

Many children in therapeutic day school programs require speech and language services to improve communication skills. For these students, attaining literacy is extremely important. However, other aspects of language such as pragmatics are the focus of intervention. Emotional support and confidence building are also significant aspects of the services provided. Speech-language therapists do much more than simply giving students the tools to communicate, they enable and guide them to significantly improve their lives, achieve goals, and feel successful in anything they pursue. Combating obstacles that inhibit their way of their speech, language, and literacy development means providing extra explanations, worksheets, books, and other resources that aid in their academic and social development.

What Role Does a Developmental Therapist Perform?

Overcoming personal obstacles, expectations, fears and stigmas related to their developmental struggles are met by providing emotional and psychological support. This support is as critical as providing assistance with the tangible, physical needs that must be met. The ultimate goal of the therapeutic team is to facilitate your child’s ability to learn and grow with their peers. A holistic approach to your child’s development is used and incorporates aspects of multiple disciplines such as the work of occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and physical therapists. Student’s social-emotional capacities, engagement, and peer interactions are thoroughly advanced.

What Role Does an Occupational Therapist Perform?

The focus of an occupational therapist is to address the issues of fine and gross motor skills along with sensory and feeding impairments. Occupational therapists work with children in order to facilitate independence by initiating self-help skills that assist them in participating in activities in the home and school settings. Fine motor milestones are mapped out and targeted in order to improve independent activities such as eating, dressing, and using the restroom.

Professionals working within a therapeutic day program center their services with a holistic, and interconnected approach. This allows children with varying levels of skill to receive the individualized assistance they require. Professionals working in therapeutic day programs focus on creating an inclusive, enriching environment that keeps students’ development on track, and prepares them to enter school.

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