Which Types of Kids Go To Therapeutic Preschool?

Therapeutic programs have a variety of children with all different needs. The professionals that typically run therapeutic day programs possess a unique set of skills that can tailor each activity to the needs of your child. The main goal of these professionals is to provide just the right amount of support to help your child excel in every activity. Most classes are designed to benefit all preschool aged kids, or children between 2-5 years.

Typically Developing Kids
These are children that have met or exceeded all developmental milestones. They continually perform age-appropriate milestones in all parts of development. These kids can benefit from a therapeutic preschool program to get them familiar with a school structure, schedule, and expectations from a teacher. Something as simple as learning how to raise your hand or keep quiet when a teacher is talking will put your child ahead when he or she enrolls in kindergarten. Typically developing children are wonderful role models for others in the class. Teachers will work with these kids and challenge them to continue their gains.

Kids with Speech Delays
Because these therapeutic classes are lead by certified speech-language therapists and or other developmental specialists, the teachers are comfortable with these conditions. The professionals are aware of what sounds are age appropriate for kids and can help with difficult articulations. Many of the kids in these classes that have some articulation concerns are able to carry over what they are learning in therapy sessions to other aspects of their lives, such as school. These programs assist students in preparing for kindergarten and interacting with typically developed kids, helping them find success later on.

Kids with Expressive or Receptive Language Needs
As children grow and begin to acquire language, some children have a harder time learning how to use their new words to communicate with others. Speech therapists are trained in early language therapy and can easily create opportunities for children to express themselves in daily activities. Teachers will promote age-appropriate language throughout the class and work with all children to enable group therapy.

Kids with Sensory Needs
With the help from certified occupational therapists, a therapeutic team can individualize your child’s specific needs and execute techniques that can help regulate your child during class. The teachers are mindful of these needs and will support your child accordingly. It’s important to consider all treatment options available at a therapeutic pediatric program. Many children benefit from more than one form of therapy.

Kids with Social Needs

Language is used to communicate with others. Sometimes, children have a harder time with learning appropriate communication skills. Therapeutic professionals will teach your child what is and is not appropriate language with peers, family, and teachers. They will work with your child to help them develop the communication skills needed in school and in other settings. It also provides an opportunity to help your child adjust and become more comfortable in group settings with similarly aged children. This makes the transition easier when it comes to moving into larger programs as your child grows!

Many therapeutic preschools and other day programs offer a variety of options in care and focus. Finding the right preschool program for you and your child’s needs is critical for development goals. Many of these programs are great for a wide variety of children! Meet with your therapists or professionals to understand your child’s needs and identify recommendations.

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