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Road Number Mats

Introduce your child to the exciting world of numbers with our “Road Number Mats” activity! Designed to engage young learners in hands-on number practice, this activity offers a unique and interactive approach to number writing.

Featuring road mats for numbers 0 through 20, this resource provides a fun and dynamic way for children to explore and practice number formation. Simply print the mats and laminate them for extended use, creating durable surfaces that withstand repeated tracing and writing exercises.

Using a toy car or their finger, children can navigate the road mats, tracing each number as they go. This multi-sensory approach to learning allows children to engage their tactile and visual senses while honing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Encourage your child to practice tracing and writing each number, reinforcing their understanding of numerical concepts and strengthening their number recognition skills. With clear, easy-to-follow instructions, this activity is suitable for independent use or guided practice with adult supervision.

Ideal for both classroom and home environments, “Road Number Mats” offer a versatile and adaptable resource for early numeracy instruction. Whether used as a standalone activity or as part of a larger lesson plan, this activity fosters a positive learning experience that promotes number mastery and mathematical confidence.

Empower your child to become a proficient writer of numbers with “Road Number Mats.” With its engaging format and interactive design, this activity sparks curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, setting the stage for mathematical success.

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"After almost 2 years our son’s time at CST Academy has come to an end. The preschool program has done wonders for him. Ms Jaclyn is such a warm, kind and patient teacher. She and my son’s OT (Ms. Nikki) and ST (Ms. Erika) worked together to ensure he was meeting all of his goals. The level of collaboration between all therapies shows how dedicated they are to helping your child reach their full potential. They have all made such an impact on him, it’s amazing to see the changes since he started there. He has blossomed into a strong, confident boy who is more than prepared to start his new school in a few weeks. We will always fondly remember our time at CST Academy. Can’t recommend them enough!"
"I worked with CST Academy over a period of about 10 months. They are absolutely incredible! I also referred a friend to their program and the progress his child made just blew him away! Usually, I don’t write reviews unless I feel strongly compelled one way or the other, and in this case I do! You cannot go wrong here. I would not trust my children to anyone else. Call them and see for yourself. I have seen other programs and there is just no comparison."