How Do I Know If My Child is a Good Fit for a Therapeutic Preschool Program?

Most parents wonder if their child could benefit from a therapeutic preschool program. They wonder what the program entails and how they would be able to tell if the program would be a good fit for their child. A therapeutic preschool program can be helpful for all kiddos. Even though there are many definitions of the term therapeutic, for our purposes, therapeutic means “having a beneficial effect on the body or mind”. Therefore, a therapeutic preschool program is a program with additional components that could benefit children who need extra attention.

For most therapeutic preschool programs, the curriculums are based off of a regular preschool. Most have circle time or a similar time for children to interact in a group setting. They also have snack time, crafts, language/book, and a play break. Some of the main differences between a regular preschool and a therapeutic preschool program may be some of the fine tuning and transitioning from one activity to another that can be difficult for some children. Unlike a regular preschool, therapeutic preschool programs really focus on the instances where preschool can be a bit of a struggle for children. Whether it be the transitions or adding more one on one attention, therapeutic programs have added components that make preschool more fun and less intimidating.

Wondering if your child could be a good fit for a therapeutic program?
Attend a trial day! Most programs want to find the right fit, too. When in doubt, contact the program and ask if they offer trial days. What better way to find out if your child is a fit than to let them find out for themselves. This is also a great time to check out the facilities and meet the faculty team.


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